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Our Services

  • Preparation of brief
  • Budget / areas / volumes analysis
  • Project strategy advice
  • Site legal description / encumbrances
  • Form of building contract
  • Selection and engagement of consultants
  • Site and/or existing structures survey and/or levels
  • Services locations / capacity
  • Site analysis / overall site planning
  • Initial plans integrating all space requirements
  • Verification that structural and services requirements can be incorporated
  • Land Use (Resource) Consent consultation and application
  • Approval of preliminary design and instruction to develop design
  • Consultation with territorial authorities
  • Expand plans into complete design ready for detailed documentation
  • Present design, for full understanding of the spacial arrangements, materials, basic forms and appearance
  • Co-ordination and initial integration of consultants services
  • Verify overall site layout and planning
  • Update estimate of probable costs with QS and program
  • Special presentation drawings / models / situations
  • Approval of design and instruction to prepare contract documentation
  • Architectural documentation of approved design sufficient for Building Consent, tendering and construction purposes.  (Typically we expect this to include site/location, existing and new floor plans, elevations, cross section(s), window and door schedules and construction details, construction edge details, the specification, risk matrix and thermal evaluation).
  • Calling for selected tenders, estimate, agreed lump sum
  • Resolving tendering inquiries during the tender period
  • Checking tenderers compliance with tender and contract documents
  • Contract negotiations if required
  • Contract document revisions if necessary
  • Recommendation to Client on tenders.
  • Establish contract and notify unsuccessful tenderers
  • Consultation with territorial authorities if required
  • All normal contract works administration including :
    • Consultation re and notification of contingent variations to contract
    • Consultation re changes and notification of variation to Contractor
    • Assistance with selection of colours, hardware, tiles, fittings, etc.
    • Verification of claims and issuing Payment Schedules
    • Practical completion inspection and issuing notice
  • All normal contract works observation including :
    • Periodic site visits to observe progress and documentation compliance
    • Clarification of contract documents where requested
    • Provision of supplementary details to amplify contract documentation if necessary
  • All normal post-construction contract administration including :
    • Inspection of and notification to Contractor of defects
  • Verification of Contractors final claim and issue of draft statement of accounts if required and adjust as necessary and issue final statement of accounts
  • Notify outstanding defects at the end of the defects liability period, issue final Payment Schedule.
  • Perspectives / models / computer fly-throughs
  • Lighting selection, multiple tile/paving selections/patterns, special joinery, landscaping

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